Essay about Advanced Technology or the Changing Work Environment

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Advanced Technology or the Changing Work Environment
William Smith

The use of technological advancements in the workplace to stay connected was inevitable. Its pervasive usage has changed the face of successful organizations. There is evidence that supports technology’s impact on businesses has created equal change in its chosen user’s daily lives. To better understand the impact, Stoner, Stephens, & McGowan’s “Connectivity and work dominance: Panacea or pariah” (2009) addresses weather work-connecting technologies (WCT) and the changing business environment has caused an imbalance between young managers and professionals’ use of technology and work-life balance. An analysis of the article describes
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Senior Management must endow to young managers how to draw the work/life balance line and the challenges associated with responsibilities of personal accountability. Work connecting technologies can be the most important tool in any organization. They should strive to foster a healthy relationship between work/ life balances, and connection must be managed appropriately.

Discussion of the topic Connectivity and work dominance utilizing WCT has become a social norm for most organizations. Having the capabilities of WCT within the organizations has dominated the playing field. Technology has changed the perception that work needs to stop because of your location. The availability of WCT has become more convenient and portable because it allows the worker to access information in various locations other than the office building. Location can increase productivity, not being anchored to a desk or farm cubical can create ideas that may not normally be achieved. This is not always the case; the ability to “brain storm” in person carries specific advantages that video teleconferencing cannot achieve. The analysis performed by Stoner, Stephens, & McGowan (2009) was to examine if WCTs intensify the tendencies of the work force to become betrothed in longer working hours. The results as expected conclude that while having the means of WCT in an organization creates accessibility, expectations to embrace a greater workload in exchange

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