Health Care Delivery: A Case Study

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As health care providers, advanced practice nurses should be asking questions and finding ways to improve health care delivery. A problem or improvement is often found from identifying a clinical problem, or a risk management, finance, or quality improvement. Once the problem or need to improve care is discovered, then an evidence based process should take place to implement a change in a certain area or clinical practice to improve the quality of health care.
Practice Issue
Hyperlipidemia is a devastating disease that when not kept under control, can lead to an abundance of complications and even death for the patient. With this condition, it is of high importance to take immediate action to help the patient make lifestyle changes so their
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The patient will benefit from more than a quick counseling session by the provider right after the diagnosis of hyperlipidemia is given. The research has already been conducted to provide the data that patients that participate in at least the recommended amount of exercise have better results with controlling their hyperlipidemia. Now, the issue is just making a change in practice to successfully get the message across to the patients so they can grasp the importance of exercise. An idea for an evidence-based project proposal is to develop a twenty minute education video that thoroughly explains the benefits of exercise in treating hyperlipidemia. All new patients diagnosed with hyperlipidemia will watch the twenty minute video in the provider’s office after a diagnosis of hyperlipidemia is given to increase the patient’s knowledge of the importance of exercise to treat their condition. The education video will reinforce the recommended amount of weekly exercise, discuss why exercise is vital for their future health, and then encourage the patient to use the obtained information to take action and make changes in their life. The expected outcome is that patients that listen to the education video will be informed on the benefit of exercise, and they will make healthy lifestyle changes to …show more content…
The project is going to use evidence-based knowledge to change the way that education is performed by health care providers for newly diagnosed patients. There seems to be a gap between providers knowing the proven effects of exercise and taking the time to really translate it into practice to improve patient outcomes to control their disease (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). Exercise is a simple, cost-effective way that patients can take control of their hyperlipidemia to avoid unwanted comorbidities in the

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