Essay about Adults Have Responsibility to All Children in Their Society

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Angelo Lin
Adults have responsibility to all children in their society

Nowadays, things such as TV and Internet have enriched people’s everyday life. Along with the improvement with technology, people’s minds have changed as well. Parents become more concerned about their children’s education. However, they have over-stressed on children’s education and some ignore their emotional developments. As a result of that, children tend to be more adhered to their parents and less dependent; which lead to immaturity, impulsiveness, and violence. Since their children affect others in schools and society as well, adults are responsible to all children in the society.

First of all, parent’s indulgence towards their children is one key factor
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Secondly, many parents lack of exchange of ideas with their children. This means, as the child grow to be a teenager, the conversation between the parents and their children decrease. The “gap” between generations generates misunderstanding and conflicts between parents and children. For instance, through the whole play of Romeo and Juliet Lord Montague never knew about Romeo’s love with Juliet until the end. Lord Montague and Lady Montague are the negative example of good parents. Also, although they were concerned about Romeo’s strange behaviours at the beginning, they’ve only sent Benvolio instead of inquiring Romeo’s condition by themselves. Therefore, communicating well with children and knowing what they are doing are another due diligence of parents.

Last but not the least, parents tend to think they only have to care about their children. It is human nature for parents to be “selfish” and “shovel the snow only for their own houses”. Statistics show many parents tend to admit the truth that they educated their children that “if someone pinches you, you punch him back” instead of teaching their child how to solve problems. As in Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt’s hatred and his concept of revenges and honour clearly showed that Lord Capulet didn’t teach his children correctly either. Not only had Tybalt led to his own demise, this became a general idea among the youths in two families. Further more, it triggers the endless brawls and deepens the

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