Essay about Adult Learning : A Growing Demand For Higher Education

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Adult Learning: A Growing Demand for Higher Education

The need for adult education
In an ever changing society, the need for adults to become college educated has increased. What once was a learn on the job society has changed to a need a degree society. More and more adults are turning their sights on higher education to increase their prospects for advancement within the workplace or to prepare themselves for a more lucrative career. In 2013, there were about 12.2 million college students under age 25 and 8.2 million students 25 years old and over (National Center for Education Statistics, 2015). The number of adult students 25 years old and over enrolled in college is expected to increase over the next few years.

Education required for a good job
Some will question the need for higher education. The need to secure a college education is on the rise due to the economic conditions that have plagued many in the last decade. In 1970, only 26 percent of middle-class workers had any kind of education beyond high school. Today, nearly 60 percent of all jobs in the U.S. economy require higher education. The wage gap between people who have bachelor 's degrees and people with only a high school diploma has nearly doubled since the early 1980s (Hanford, n.d.). Many employers today look for some sort of education above high school. While some do not require it, most prefer at least an associate’s degree. In searching current job postings, many full-time…

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