Adult Gerontological Nurse Practitioner : An Exercise Program For The Aging Population

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Aging is a worldwide issue, both maintaining high physical function in successful aging, and early detection of issues with mobility in the disablement process are of great importance in all societies (Chhian & Jung-Der, 2013). As an Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) it is important for me to promote and improve the health of the elderly patients in my care. A problem that the elderly population is currently facing is decrease in physical functioning with age. As an AGNP there are many ways to directly impact improving this issue, one of which is helping the patient implement a daily exercise program with supervision and follow up care.
Annotated Bibliography
A thorough literature search is performed to explore research surrounding the topic area. The information analyzed gives insight into addressing the problem of the decrease in physical functioning with age, as well as successfully implementing an exercise program for the aging population.
Pain, Physical Performance and Quality of Life
In a study by Ueda, Shiba, & Watanabe (2015), they aimed to examine the relationships surrounding quality of life (QOL), physical pain, and physical performance in elderly people who continue to exercise voluntarily. The research involved 171 male and female participants who were surveyed and given physical function testing. It was discovered that among community-dwelling elderly who chose to exercise, those with lower back pain and knee pain had lower levels of physical…

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