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Sam Rosenbloom
Mrs. Villarreal
Rhetoric, Composition, and Literature
18 December 2014 The Disregard for Rules If Moses were to come down from Mount Sinai today, he would find out that the tablets that commanded the morals of the world, have been replaced by tablets that can play movies, listen to music, and even order a pizza. Much has changed since Exodus, including how we follow the pivotal rules that have been commanded for us. Though almost everyone can agree that today in 2014, we are not coveting our neighbors slaves, many essential rules we have used to live our lives morally are no longer followed. “Honor your father and mother” is a commandment that has been not only bent but broken, especially in recent times; in fact,
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Caitlyn’s parents both thought she had destructive behaviors and did not think her attitude deemed them paying both parents paying sixteen thousand dollars a year. Many will argue that in the United State of America that we have separation of church in state and that the Ten Commandments should not be followed due on the grounds of the partition of religion and law. This justification is false. Just because honoring your mother and father is commanded in Judaic religions does not mean that it should completely be thrown out. The Ten Commandments forbids murder and theft, crimes that are forbidden in all American courts of law. The Ten Commandments also forbids adultery which is a crime in twenty one states. In addition, these Commandments dictate that everyone tell the truth, also commanded by the U.S. law, and called perjury when you break it. The notion that we should through out rules because they are in the Torah or Bible is a ridiculous. Furthermore, the affects of horning or dishonoring your parents can be shown statistical analysis. So many kids dishonor their parents and intern leave them. The U.S. Department of Health and Human services sites in a report that children that live with both their parents have a lower rate of crime, drug use, and high school drop out rate than those of kids who live with one or no parents. There is a reason parents create curfews and rules. Nothing good happens after two in the morning. If more

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