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20 Email Design Best Practices and Resources for Beginners
Matthew Kirk on Nov 17th 2009 with 133 comments Even for experience designers, building email newsletters isn’t easy. You receive a lovely looking design, and you crack on with the development. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work as it should in every email clients. Styles don’t display, images aren’t visible, etc. This is where these twenty best practices come in handy.

1: Keep the Design Simple
Emails are not like complex website designs; they should be nicely designed, but somewhat basic. Try basing your designs on a main header image followed by the main content. The cleaner the design, the easier it will be to code, and the less chance of any
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For more information, review Litmusapp.

5: Use Inline Styles
If this were the website world, every developer on the planet would say, "do not use inline styles, create a class for it". Unfortunately, in an email, this is not possible, as the email clients will strip them out, and we don't want that. So if anything needs to be styled, use inline styles. Elements like font type and size can be used within the tag, but individual styles should be placed on 's.

6: Give all Images Alt Tags
This is a very important step to take, but is often forgotten by many. Styling the for which images are in, with font types, size and color, will allow for your email to degrade gracefully when images are off by default.

No Alt Tags

Alt Tags

7: Do not Set Widths or Heights to Images
Again, this is a further step to take in order for a lovely gracefully degraded email. If images are off by default, there dimensions will be present, leaving a lot of unnecessary white space throughout.

8: Wrap the Email in a 100% Width Table
Email clients only take the code within the body tags, not the body tags themselves. In order to use a background color, you must create a 100% width table to "fake" the background effect. view plaincopy to clipboardprint? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

9: No Wider than 600px
Many people don't actually open their email; they instead view them in the preview panel. On average the

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