Adrian Peterson Reaction Paper

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Before this I had not heard of the Adrian Peterson lawsuit, my first reaction was shock. In today’s society I have heard of parents spanking their kids but nothing as extreme as what was dealt with here. For many older people they may not think this is as bad as it is because twenty years ago it was much more common and more accepted. I have a few antecedents of contact that impacted my understanding mostly due to previous experiences. The first is the fact that my dad and his siblings were physically abused by their dad while growing up. Another antecedent of contact that I have with this story is that my cousin was abused by his father after his parents got a divorce. For me I have heard stories and understand physical abuse more than most …show more content…
While to Adrian Peterson he does not perceive his actions as bad many see it as the exact opposite. Since there are two types of identity, personal and social, his personal identity may not have changed very much but with this his social identity most certainly has. His personal identity has most likely stayed the same due to the fact that he sees himself as a good person who has done nothing wrong. His social identity has almost definitely changed because he has done something against the ethics that have been placed upon all of us. “Interpellation is the process of being pulled into the social forces that places people into a specific identity.” With interpellation it is said that “there is a radical difference between how individuals see themselves and how others define them.” This will be the biggest thing that will change for Adrian Peterson as people change their view of him. If enough people change their view of him it will change his social identity and can start to change his personal identity. For Adrian Peterson this can change his whole life, he may be kicked out of the NFL, go to prison, or a million other outcomes that can change his life forever in negative ways. I do not believe that there is any way that this could change his life in a positive or good

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