Adoption: Why Children End Up In The System

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Why do children end up in the system? Adoption can be a sad and also exciting time for the child, parents, and adopting parents. If a child is adopted at a young age it is more likely that they can grow to to forget their real parents and no nothing of the adoption. While if a child is adopted after the age of 8 they are more likely to remember their biological parents which can lead to the child being sad and depressed. When a child is taken from their homes it is not always a choice, nor is it something that the parent and child both want. Each year around 20,000 children go into the foster care system. (Adopt us kids, about the children) Children are taken out of their homes for may reasons. Some may include the parents being unfit, the …show more content…
Some parents believe that they are not ready for a child. If this happens when the child grows up they have a possibility of finding out they are adopted. The longer you wait to tell a child the are adopted the more anger and confusion they will have. Not just towards you, but also towards their biological parents for giving them up. Parents can give their children up because they don’t have the funds to care for them. This often leaves parents in shock and grief over their child. They feel as if they had no other choice if they wanted their child to grow up happy. Sometimes though a child many end up worse off than they would have if their parents kept them. Occasionally a child can end up in an abusive home. Even though people send in complaints to the foster system some abusive foster parents still get to keep their license. The reason for this is because there is already a shortage of people willing to take in another child, and get paid very little for it, so the state doesn’t want to have it become even more of a shortage. Other times parents feel as if they are not the best option. Even if a child grows up poor or in a bad situation they need parents. Children in the system that move from place to place often have more behavioral issues because they feel as if no one wants them. The reason they feel this way is because their parents gave them up and no one is allowing them to stay with them. This can make or break a child's place in the world. If they grow up hard and get into constant trouble they are much more likely to become an adult with those same traits. Often if a child carries these traits such as: anger neglecting others mental problems and also violent towards others. No matter what these traits seem as if they can never fully go away or be

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