Adoption : The Children 's Guardians Essay

1940 Words Mar 18th, 2016 8 Pages
The Children’s Guardians In the past, children without families were raised on the streets or lived in orphanages in hopes of finding families to take them under their wings. However, time has changed and today children get raised by their single-parents, step-parents, grandparents, or other relatives who can become parental figures in their lives. All this is now possible due to the adoption procedure which has become an important aspect worldwide. Adoption allows the children who have no parents feel the benefits of parental care. Family structures create important influences in children’s lives. Children seek protection, support, and guidance in their lives and for these reasons they depend on parents or parental figures around them. Adoption agencies help children feel that love and connection by finding them a place to call home. In order to adopt a child, adults go through an adoption process. This process takes time due to the agencies procedures such as checking background information and having an in depth investigation of the adopting family. Adoptions agencies eliminate prejudice and integrate our society. They use their strategies to determine whether the family is suitable for the child livelihood and future. Andrew Harnak in his book Adoption: Opposing Viewpoints quotes the prominent philosopher Mary Beth Style who says that “Stability and security are more important for a child than genes and chromosomes” (105). Children should experience…

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