New Technology Using Rogers Theory

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Adoption of New Technology using Rogers’ Theory
Nurses can have a great impact on the success or failure of the adoption of electronic health record’s (EHRs). There are many challenges to implementing an EHR and nurse acceptance and buy-in are critical. Describing how a nurse facilitator can prepare the nursing staff for an EMR transition through a pre-implementation team meeting is important because nurse resistance of new technology is often high.
Nurses as Change Agents
Nurses are in a position to impact the successful implementation of new technology in many ways. Nurse administrators that provide ongoing support for nursing staff are crucial to smooth implementation by providing adequate training, capital investment, and ongoing human
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Computers themselves aren’t what most nurses are uncomfortable with, but adding another task to their list of duties can seem overwhelming. Adding computer documentation to a busy routine can be offset by demonstrating how the built in time savers can improve efficiency and reduce redundancy (Kirkley & Stein, 2004) Compatibility is very important because nurses need to know, a new way of documenting the care they provide will not make them have to sacrifice providing the best possible care to their …show more content…
Healthcare providers are now being asked to change the way they have communicated important patient information within their systems. Unfamiliar new technology is often perceived as scary and resistance can be strong when the implementation is poorly designed and forced upon healthcare providers. Nurses are in an ideal position to become leaders and change agents to facilitate a smooth transition of new technology. It is understood that “nurses readily embrace technology that helps save lives, reduces the risk of error, eliminates redundancy, and minimizes mundane tasks” (Moorman, 2010, para. 17). When Rogers’s five qualities of technology are carefully applied and revealed to new users, acceptance can be enhanced. When the new users are convinced the new technology is a great improvement over the current way of doing things, is easy to use, and won’t require them to give up their current values and practices, acceptance is more likely to be welcomed (Robinson, 2009) . Having ample training, time to practice and ongoing support will help decrease anxiety and improve acceptance. Finally, by showing the nurses evidence of the successful history of the EMR our hospital is implementing, acceptance will be smooth and

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