Adoption of Leed as a Green Building Rating System in Nigeria

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Adoption of LEED® as a Green Building Rating System in Nigeria
Going Green In Nigeria

Green building rating systems are in a state of constant flux and often differ from region to region. Regardless, fundamental principles persist from which the rating system is derived. These include sustainable sites and structure design efficiency, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials efficiency, indoor environmental quality, operations and maintenance optimization, innovation and design process, waste and toxic reduction etc. The essence of green building is an optimization of one or more of these principles.
The green building rating system, LEED®
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The aim of a green building design is to minimize the demand on non-renewable resources, maximize the utilization efficiency of these resources, when in use, and maximize the reuse, recycling, and utilization of renewable resources. It maximizes the use of efficient building materials and construction practices; optimizes the use of on-site sources and sinks by bio-climatic architectural practices; uses minimum energy to power itself; uses efficient equipment to meet its lighting, air-conditioning, and other needs; maximizes the use of renewable sources of energy; uses efficient waste and water management practices; and provides comfortable and hygienic indoor working conditions.

In sum, the following aspects of the building design are looked into in an integrated way in a green building: * Site planning * Building envelope design * Building system design ((HVAC) heating ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, electrical, and water heating) * Integration of renewable energy sources to generate energy onsite. * Water and waste management * Selection of ecologically sustainable materials (with high recycled content, rapidly renewable resources with low emission potential, etc.). * Indoor environmental quality (maintain indoor thermal and visual comfort, and air quality). Some of the benefits of a green design to a building owner, user, and the society as a whole are as follows: * Reduced energy consumption

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