Adoption of Internet Banking and Customer Behaviour Essay

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Adoption of Internet Banking and customer behavior

The financial service industry plays very important role in the development of any country especially in country like India where service industry is contributing app. 48% of overall GDP And also financial sector is growing at the rate of 8.02% (according to SBI).
By knowing such a huge importance of banking industry in India, it is very important to monitor and access new development in the industry. And one of the major development that happened in past decade was emergence of core banking which helps banks to move fast and provide better services to their customer. Due to core banking various new technologies came in to periphery of banking. These technology have change the
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Now that their customers are connected to the Internet via personal computers, banks envision similar advantages by adopting those same internal electronic processes to home use. Banks view online banking as a powerful “value added” tool to attract and retain new customers while helping to eliminate costly paper handling and teller interactions in an increasingly competitive banking environment. In India first one to move into this area was ICICI Bank. They started web based banking as early as august 1997.

Research Methods and Data Collection
The primary research conducted through online survey by making questionnaire form in Google docs and posted it on various social networking sites (, Google+) and social groups. Link was also mailed to the various individuals in their email IDs. Research was conducted between mid-February and March 2014 (15th February to 23rd March). In the period of research I got around 126 responses out of those 109 were accurate and useable for further analysis. The data was obtained through the use of structured questionnaires and convenience sampling. Information collected can be grouped into three main areas:
• Demographic characteristics;
• Technological background and utilisation of bank services, and;
• Utilisation of internet banking services.

In relation to demographic characteristics and technological

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