Adoption Is A Trigger For The Foster Family Essay

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We were fascinated by the fact that adoption is a trigger. This is what we gathered from what Beam explained: a change in relationship dynamics can elicit different emotions that may be rooted in fear. Fear of change or fear of permanency, because foster care may be great but what if after adoption things sour and your ties to anything else are gone as a result of having been adopted? What if you suddenly you don’t matter anywhere else because you’ve been adopted? That’s a hard pill to swallow. We also think that adoption may be a trigger for the foster family as evidenced by Allyson’s changed disposition towards Fatimah and Sekina’s motives to test the family’s rules. In addition, we were able to get a better look at what it is like being a foster mother through our work in Unit 9. It is a very overwhelming role, especially considering that foster care is meant to be temporary and you never quite have the stability of knowing when it might happen or what will happen once you’ve formed a bond with the child. With this in mind, some of us don’t think that we could be foster mom’s, as it would be extremely difficult to say goodbye to someone that you have taken into your home and come to love and care about. We would ideally want to adopt every child that came into our care. Altogether, we suspect that these underlying issues are what make adoption a trigger.
Moreover, while reading about Mary, Beam’s friend that adopted the Rosario children and took in others, we were drawn…

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