Essay on Adoption Is A Big Problem

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Adoption is a big controversy in the world. There is so many families going through it.

But what is it for? To help the child? My sisters and I went through this process. It was a little

different because we were adopted through our family. But we were going through the situations

that will require for adoption to take place. Neglect, abuse, and parents being alcoholics and

doing drugs is a big problem. Seeing it personally helped my perspective on adoption. Yes some

families will be taken apart but every child is given the option to get adopted through family if it

is safe. Others aren’t so lucky. But, when my sisters and I were adopted by our grandparents it

was like having a new life. Getting out of that situation helped us to continue to succeed. It did

put emotional damage on our family but as the years went by it faded. Adoption overall helped

my sisters and I.

Stated in the book Opposing Viewpoint Adoption by Greenhaven Press. Family

preservationists’ claim that adoption harms children by depriving them of their family and roots

relies on speculative theories that adoptees suffer from “genealogical bewilderment” and the like.

Evelyn Burns Robinson argues that adoption should be abolished because it is a punitive

permanent solution to the temporary challenges of unplanned parenthood. It is offensive to

natural mothers to find that both their existence and their experience are so easily obliterated

with the stroke of a pen. Because of the…

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