Adoption: A Case Study Of Ben's Life

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In the given case study, Ben’s life has been portrayed gloomy as from the childhood, he has nurtured in the unhealthy and rancorous environment as he has not gotten chances of much needed parental love. It is worth to note that, the child deprived of the maternal and paternal affection does not do well when grows up academically and socially. On this note, in the said case study, it is expressed that Ben is introvert and doesn’t like to show amicability in general. He has a lovely wife with whom he has tied the knot and unpredictably, it was his love marriage. However, after some time of period, they get to know their inability to bear a child. And Ben is also against the thought of adoption. Meanwhile, Ben also not does the well professionally …show more content…
Thus, unemployment and childless family create many issues in her nuptial life and at the moment, both, Ben and his wife, Angie are having bitter relationship and Angie now thinks about divorce …show more content…
Can he think life without her wife, Angie?
What actions and attitudes in Ben's life might have a negative impact on your ability to remain compassionate and objective in your counseling work with him? State how these factors might impact you and the approach you would take to make certain that your effectiveness in not minimized? In the given case, Ben’s life has been said depressed due to various settings, such as his despicable childhood, poor professional life because of the absence of the higher education, introvert nature and his pessimistic attitude as confirmed by his wife. Hence, from the given issue, in my assessment, his negative approach in the life would be biggest hampering factor to deal with his issue. However, I know life’s dire circumstances make people cynical . This is the same case for Ben. Hence, I would first recommend him to get a nice job, but, at the same time, I know that he will not get the well-paying job, but if he tries to be honest with it, he will get the good bucks beyond doubt. Moreover, I have many contacts so that I can also recommend him a few nice jobs, which he can manage. Also, I would instruct him to adopt a child for only 2 months so that he can have a fun being caretaker. Having a job and responsibility of a child, he will start receiving the fun for living the life. But, in addition to this, he also will get along with his wife due to continual interactions as having busy life. Thus, he will be busy in his personal and professional

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