Adoption : A Family, Marriage, Or Adoption? Essay

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A. Family/ pg. 452: two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption.
In this video, the word family means everything. To these young girls, there is no such thing as family for the first parts of their lives. They start out in foster care not understanding the difference between that and a typical family. I know, from personal experience, that this is not like the real thing. Though there are amazing foster parents and some that do the best that they possibly can to treat a foster child like family, they can never truly be family, and that is very difficult for some to accept, but it is nothing but the truth. These girls then can be adopted. At this point, they technically become a part of a family. With most adoptions, again I know this from experience, it is the closest to family one can get. Adoption is when a child legally becomes the child of a non-birth parent or couple. As seen in the video, these parents are usually couples that cannot have a child of their own, so they adopt and they are very excited to have a child that they can finally call theirs and treat with love, care, and affection like they would to their own child. This is how all adoptions should be, though rarely there are bad cases of adoption. The adoption of these kids is amazing and satisfying to both the child and the new parent, making them a family.

B. Household/ pg. 452: people who occupy the same housing unit.
A common household…

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