Adoptees : Have Rights Too Essay

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Adoptees: Have Rights Too
For those who are a part of the adoption world, one of the most ardently debated issues is whether birth records should be open or closed to adoptees. With this conclusion comes strong feelings on both sides. In most states, adoption records are completely sealed and inaccessible unless the adoptee petitions the court. In 16 states these records are fully or partially available upon request with no court involvement and may rely upon when you were born. In a few states records are fully hinder and the adoptee will never have any accessibility to them.

As a matter of fact, as an Aunt of open adoption, I feel that all adoption records should be open. I expect that this can only invigorate the quality of the institution of adoption itself and absolutely affect all those involved in it. My family is not one of those relations who did not know who adopted My Nephews and Niece. They also have not forgotten where they come from and have always known they were adopted. Their parents are admirable and loving, and have done a superior job providing for them and gave them all that they required as children. To me I consider them to also be family and enjoy the ties we share as a family unite. However, just because they were very good parents it did not diminish the essential need they had to be reconciled with their Mom and extended family, in search of answers to where they came from.

In overall reality, open…

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