Adolf Hitler's Sentent People In World War II

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To Commend people, have to give them psychological satisfaction Adolf Hitler, one of the cruelest people in the global history who was the leader of the Nazi Party and caused the World War Two. He was effectively dictator of Nazi Germany, and was at the centre of World War II in Europe and the Holocaust. Hitler carried away people’s mind by giving them benefits and satisfied what people want, he wanted people to trust him without any thinking and let people believed that it was rational for them to follow him. In dealing with the historical issues , the German people had profound reflection , but the reflection had nothing to do with nationality, but because of the citizens ' political awareness. In the postwar period , many …show more content…
Nazi Party won the election depended on the promises they made in order to make Germany to be more powerful and wealthier. After they were in charge of Germany, they began to repair the infrastructure, rectify social order, revitalize the economy and restore public services. Among three years, the previous high unemployment rate in Germany fell to zero and Germany achieved common prosperity, even the working class could go abroad on vacation as the management. The support of a large number of workers, the unemployed, farmers and the middle class contributed to the fast development of Nazi Party. During that time , the life of these ten German family had been greatly improved, no longer be poor and starved. A tailor told Mayer that it was Nazi Party that gave his father a work. The expectations of his father were security, a state-provided work with insurance and pensions. After 1935, his father became a member of the Nazi, all these dreams came true. A carpenter said, Nazi Party narrowed the wealth gap, everyone had a job …show more content…
Newspapers told them, "Jews are capitalists of the world," “Jews control the United Kingdom”, “Jews are in control of Russia." The tailor talked about gas chambers with reporters and he said, "If that happened, it was wrong, but I believe it did not happen. "The prejudice made he only believed media rather than facts. Even if the massacre happened, he also believed that the leader, Hitler was good, bad things were done by people around, it was the local Nazi abusing the party’s principle, Hitler was just deluded. The ordinary people never heard the famous words of Hamilton: “Sir, your ‘people’ is a beast.”

The progressiveness to regressiveness of Germany During World War Two, the situation of the world was extremely serious, especially in Germany, Europe. It could be described as a progressiveness to regressiveness of Germany, a process from civilized to cruel. The documentary film “Ordinary Fascism” records some facts about how people’s reaction to Hitler enthusiasticly. “In the square which was surrounded by strong searchlight beam, the whole sky was illuminated as bright as day. Hundreds of people and troops gathered in the square, raised his flag parade, holding the torch, demonstrated. Deafening sound of drums and slogans combined with Hitler 's hysterical speeches. Thousands of people shouted , sang and said: ‘Heil Hitler’ toward the big

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