Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power

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Six years before WWII, a long-ignored radical German political leader sprung into power and soon claimed control over the entire nation. The rise of this extraordinary political leader, Adolf Hitler, was often attributed to the unique set of circumstances that surrounded his rise to power. However, while the failing economy did encourage his rise to power, the unique circumstances only complimented his extraordinary political abilities. Hitler was a charismatic oratory genius who captivated his audiences. He was one of history’s greatest demagogues and his ability to utilise situations and people were unparalleled. Hitler is truly an extraordinary politician and unique circumstances acted as an asset rather than a dependence.
Adolf Hitler was
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The speeches he gave would leave audiences in a state of near hysteria and he expressed his radical ideas so passionately and dramatically that the German people would believe in and desire to follow him. Hitler’s outstanding public speaking abilities were due to his knowledge of how powerful the use of speech is. In Mein Kampf, 1925 he stated that: “Men are won over less by the written than by the spoken word… movement on earth owes its growth to great orators and not to great writers.” Hitler’s meticulously planned speeches utilised the power of emotion and delivery rather than content and rationality. He challenged the thoughts of those he spoke to and delivered his answers to the problems. When he spoke of his plans, he spoke to the crowds with increasing urgency and volume and his gesturing would become more exaggerated and dramatic - he understood how to portray his passion to the crowds and how to get them interested. This led to Hitler being seen as a charismatic …show more content…
It is not an exaggeration to say that Hitler was perhaps history’s greatest demagogue as he knew how to utilise his abilities to gain unwavering support from the people and how to spark the flame of nationalism in the German people. He was a passionate leader who also utilised the economic condition extremely well to unite people under him and to portray himself as a saviour. He was seen as Germany’s only option for salvation. The charisma Hitler had made people want to follow him – like Joseph Goebbels. Hitler used Goebbels’ strengths in propaganda to portray himself as a great leader. Thus, Hitler was an extraordinary politician who utilised all opportunities to accentuate his position in Germany, and although he utilised the events and circumstances on his climb to power, it was only an asset and the NSDAP rose to be the strongest and only party in Germany because of how extraordinary a politician Hitler

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