Rise Of Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power

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Adolf Hitler was elected by the people of Germany through his expert way of manipulating the people through his public speaking and new ideas. Soon after he rose to power, Germany was changed for the worse as thousands of people around the country were led by a brutal dictator. Adolf Hitler had a few different ideas on how he would get Germany out of the economic, social, and political crisis that it was going through after the Great Depression. He however did a completely horrific thing that Germany never saw coming. Hitler used his skills in public speaking,manipulation, and other tactics to gain Germany’s support but instead misled them causing horrific outcomes later on.

Germany was involved in a time of economic crisis that occurred during the Great Depression from 1929 through 1932. Which affected the entire world with long lasting outcomes. The people of Germany craved a strong and courageous leader who would help reform the country(“Hitler Comes to Power”). One of Hitler’s proposals to get the country out of the economic crisis was his four year plan in which he promised the Germans that if they simply gave him four years of power. Hitler would have the country back on track and
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Hitler made a leap in his rise to power once he was released from jail, where he wrote Mein Kampf. This was an example of how he became a great orator to the poor and nationalistic people in Germany after World War II that were in need for a desperate change, and a much stronger leader. Mein Kampf is referred to as “an autobiography written by Adolf Hitler. In it, Hitler outlines his plan for the revival of Germany from the losses of World War I and blames Germany 's problems on capitalists, communists, and

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