Adolf Hitler 's Role Of Personality, Psychopathology, And Development

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As a young child Hitler suffered from disorders , according to the reading, “A Psycho-Historical Analysis of Adolf Hitler: The Role of Personality, Psychopathology, and Development” , we have read in class tells us that Hitler had many aspects during his early life ,in other words his characteristics has influenced him in many ways.
One of the ways it has influenced Hitler was the way he grew up under a parenting style defined as an authoritarian .On page 60 of Psycho-Historical Analysis of Adolf Hitler” says,”such a parenting style is characterized by rigidity,obedience without questions,and physical punishment.” This caused Hitler to be diagnosed with aggressive Personality and antisocial. As a young child he thought he was better than everybody else which is known as Psychosexual development ,also being an abusive relationship with his father made it worse. Hitler and his father did not get along very well , his father had a terrible temper and had a bad attitude , he was obnoxious and conceited and often took his problems out on his children, but Hitler’s mother had no power in the household to stop the father from acting crazy towards the kids .Hitlers father served in the Austrian government, he was a dutiful civil servant which explains why Hitler’s father acted the way he acted, so Hitler saw his devotion to Germany as a way of rebelling against his father. One Researcher says, “Hitler hated his father as much as the Jews, Hitler didn 't get the love he wanted…

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