Essay on Adolf Hitler 's Rise Of Power Within Germany

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Topic Statement
This essay will focus on Adolf Hitler’s rise to power within Germany. His rise to power is generally viewed with confusion; many do not understand how someone who was so evil could convince an entire nation he would be a good leader. The main goal of this essay is to identify the key aspects of Hitler’s rise to power and why the German people elected someone who had such extreme ideas. The essay will explore the social, economic, and political climate at the time of Hitler’s run for chancellor and how that impacted Germany’s perceptions of him. In order to understand these different climates, the paper will look at different causes of them like the First World War and the appeasement of Hitler. The use of propaganda as a tool in persuading the German people to put the Nazi party in power will be discussed to understand how consistent ideology was in the year Hitler became chancellor. The response to Hitler’s moves to gain control of Europe will be briefly discussed, as the enablement by the Allies was a major part of his rise to power. Clarification surrounding Hitler’s rise to power is important, so that if it ever happens again, it can be recognized early on.
Historical Background
Adolf Hitler is one of the most talked about leaders in history. His rise to power is an extraordinary discussion piece. He became the chancellor in 1933, and remained in that position until his death in 1945. Hitler was extremely anti-Semitic, and also believed that there was a…

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