Adolf Hitler Research Paper

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian man who had led a party called the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party ' that ruled Germany. He became the dictator of the German Empire in 1934, with all this power in his hands he declared that the Nazi’s invaded Poland. This order caused World War II and about fifty million people died because of this, six million of them being Jews.

Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 in an Austrian-Hungarian (today Austrian) town called Braunau am Inn. He was Alois Hitler and Klara Pölzl’s fourth child. His older siblings, Gustav, Ida, and Otto, died when they were only infants. When he was five, Hitler’s family moved to Leonding, Austria where he attended a school called ‘Volksschule’. In June 1895, Alois moved to Hafeld, Austria where he farmed and took care of bees.
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Hitler became fond of the ‘German Worker’s Party’s founder, Anton Drexler, after observing the organization’s activities. Anton Drexler was anti-semitic, anti-capitalist and anti-Marxist so it made sense that Hitler really approved of his beliefs. Anton invited him into the organization because he thought Hitler was talented when it came to public speaking. After accepting the invitation, the party was renamed the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party '(also known as NSDAP) and they had received a banner that was designed by Hitler to be recognized by, a swastika in a white circle surrounded by a red background. In February 1921, Hitler spoke in front of a group of over 6’000 people and became notorious for his speeches against politicians, Marxists and especially the Jews. In June 11th 1921, Hitler wanted to leave the NSDAP after hearing that that the NSDAP wanted to merge with the rivaling party, ‘German Socialist Party’ (DSP). He only agreed to stay if he took Drexler’s place as party chairman, which he later received the position after a vote in a party

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