Adolf Hitler Is A Master Of Persuasion Essay

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It is well known that Adolf Hitler is a master of persuasion and in his Reichstag speech of December 11, 1941, he shows why. In this speech he gives reasons for the outbreak of war in September 1939, explains why he decided to attack the Soviet Union in June 1941, and announces that Germany was now in a war against the United States. Throughout this speech, he was able to maintain an air of righteousness while successfully manipulating his people into fighting for him. To accomplish this task, he cunningly uses a persuasive format for organizing his points, tone, and rhetoric devices, such as pathos, false dilemmas, and ethos, to gain support and loyalty of the German nation and maintain it.
The method of paragraph development that Hitler uses to persuade the audience to follow him is illustration. He first establishes trust between the audience and himself by stating a positive attribute about himself, whether it be direct or indirect. He then gives an encouraging statement about the German people or the German Reich, complimenting them on their virtuous deeds, while simultaneously slandering his enemies, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt or the Soviet Union. Later he describes the situation that is currently going on and manipulates Germans into thinking that what he is proposing is the best course of action for Germany. This method is effective because it persuades the audience into thinking that Hitler is a man that is worthy of being followed. He believes in the…

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