Essay about Adolf Hitler And The Weimar Government

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Throughout history, the men that took charge and demanded change were the ones who proved to be most successful and powerful. In 20th century Germany, Adolf Hitler proved to be this man. He used the anger of the German people towards the Weimar Government for signing the Treaty of Versailles to his advantage. Hitler also exploited the economic struggles of Germany and the hardships of the German people during 1920s and 30s. Finally, Hitler spread the Nazi message to a weakened and shattered German population to get the people to vote for his fascist ideals. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in 20th century Germany because they were able to manipulate the weaknesses of the Weimar Government. The German people blamed the Weimar Government for signing the Treaty of Versailles which put Germany back socially, economically, and politically. Article 160 of the Treaty of Versailles stated that the German military needed to be reduced to 100,000 men. This was unfair to the German people because it put thousands of soldiers out of jobs, hurting Germany’s economy. Also, the German people felt very vulnerable and less protected than they did before with their large military. The German’s were impacted economically through Article 45 of the Treaty of Versailles which forced them to give up the mining land in Saar. This area was very important to the German economy, so without it, Germany struggled to pay their reparations to the European powers. The loss of the Saar mining…

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