Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Rule Essay

1874 Words Mar 17th, 2016 8 Pages
In the year 1939 World War 2 came into play and chaos had erupted all across Europe. The war had lasted for over 6 years and during that time period, and Hitler had made his mark in trying to eradicate the Jews from existence and almost succeeded in his goal. The Jews were like a wrong answer to a question and that Hitler could use an eraser to get rid of them. Hitler was gaining power as he was reviving the Germans from the Great Depression and ending their suffering by solving all of their woeful problems. He gained a plentiful amount of popularity and eventually became the dictator or Fuhrer of Germany through his rival of Germany actions. He and his Nazi army began the quest to take back what they lost in the previous World War. While in command and taking over other countries and acquiring their land, he began the extermination of all Jewish life and culture. No one truly believed it was happening as long as it did not happen to them. Soon the outside world and the people living within the Nazi rule were hit with a wakeup call as they began to realize the horrors of the Nazi occupation as millions were being put into concentration camps and killed from being gunned down, put in gas chambers, overworked, and starved. Hitler and his Nazi reign were a force to be wrecking with and that no one wished to go against, but the other countries officials soon realized that if they do not put an end to his reign it could be too late not just for the Jews but for them their selves…

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