Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party Essay

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After the Germans lost World War One there was a world-wide great depression. Adolf Hitler had many thoughts of making a new socialist nation and used the depression to show people the current government was not working and change was required. Hitler outlined his plan for a change in government in his book Mein Kampf. In his book he speaks of the evils created by the Jewish religion and its people. He used his anti-sematic views as a scapegoat, in which to fuel his change. Hitler was very charismatic and a fantastic public speaker and was appointed chancellor of Germany January 30th 1933 by President Paul Von Hindenburg. Hitler’s party, the Nazi Party used a variety of propaganda, political laws and regulations, and social manipulation tactics to get people to follow them, and with the depression people knew change needed to happen and were more apt to follow him.
Volksgemeinschaft, the societal theory that all people of different classes and religions were equal, was created.
The political side to how Hitler got people to follow him was less manipulating and more strictly forced. He took away certain rights that forbid people to oppose him. The Reichstag Fire Decree in February of 1933 allowed the new government to temporarily remove some of the basic civil rights that had previously been promised to them by the last government, the Weimar. Anyone that opposed Hitler or his elite SS police was discriminated against harshly1.

In 1935 Hitler announced two new laws to…

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