Essay on Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

1500 Words Apr 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Before the time of the Nazi rise in Germany, my great-great-grandfather, Otto Schroeder, left Germany in search of better opportunities in the United States, taking with him his family, which included my great-grandfather, Andrew Schroeder. Many years later, the Nazi party came looking for Andrew, trying to get him to join the Nazi party. Andrew, in response, quit his job and forbade the German language from being spoken in the house. Because of this, my grandmother, who was 100% German, never learned of her German heritage, losing years of history and her native tongue. She developed a slight obsession with Adolf Hitler, wanting to know more about the man whose people were responsible for her losing the German side of her life. When she passed away in 2015, I became very interested in her history and discovered this, leading to the topic of Hitler’s rise in Post-World War I Germany.
Adolf Hitler was a large part of the world history and he continues to be studied to this day. There are many questions surrounding post World War I Germany, especially what happened and how the Nazi party came to power. Hitler 's influence in Germany changed the course of history. He encouraged much change throughout the world, but not necessarily good change. It is interesting to study and try to understand the mindset and ideologies of such a radical man: How he gained so much power and fame. The German people were resentful for the treatment they received from the Treaty of Versailles,…

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