Essay about Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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Millions of families who had no hope to survive...mothers and fathers who went through cruelty and pain every single day...children who cried nonstop and missed the warmth of their parents’ embrace. The Holocaust was an event millions of people would like to forget, or wish to had never lived through. Just the thought of the large number of unfortunate Jews who died, reminds everyone how lucky every survivor is. Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany and the ruler of the Nazi’s, was the main central figure for the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a result of the combination of Adolf Hitler’s power, beliefs, and charisma.
Alois Hitler, Sr. and Klara Hitler got married on January 7, 1885. Together, they had six children: Gustav, Ida, Otto, Adolf, Edmund, and Paula. Though, only two children made it to the adulthood, Adolf and Paula. Throughout Adolf’s childhood, he was confident, caring, and outgoing, but then when his brother, Edmund, died due to measles, it affected him a lot (Adolf Hitler, 2012). Young Hitler’s attitude towards everything had gone downhill, and he began to fight with everyone. At such a young age, he was already developing strong ideas for German nationalists. He rebelled against everything his dad told him to do. When he moved out of his parents’ house and graduated, he had no plans on any future career (Adolf Hitler, 2012). Finally in 1929, Adolf Hitler met the love of his life, Evan Braun. In April of 1945, they got married. Adolf, nor his sister, Paula,…

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