Essay about Adolf Hitler And The Fascist Government

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When the term “fascist government” is mentioned it is associated with the fear of loosing the fundamental right to determine the system in which a persons lives under and who controls them. However when the term “cult” is mentioned it is associated with loosing the right of what to think. These institutions often employ the same types of tactics in order to control the people that follow them, whether it is willingly or unwillingly. This leads to the question, how did the tactics of control in fascist dictatorships compare to the tactics of control in cults? The fascist governments under Mussolini and Hitler were in place to control the people along with the leadership of cults such as, The People’s Temple Cult. The structure of fascist governments ultimately led to dictators who had totalitarian control. In cults the leadership structure also led to one person with totalitarian control. The difference between the two institutions was that in dictatorships people still had the religion that they chose to follow, where in cults the religion was to worship their leader. In the fascist dictatorships of Mussolini and Hitler there was a “worship” of the dictators that was forced on the people against their will, in order to control them. The difference between the dictatorships and the cults is that in cults the people also worship their leader however it is out of choice not out of fear.
This topic is significant because as the modern world develops there are more and more…

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