Adolf Hitler And Genghis Khan Essay

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Comparing Two Men in History

The two people I have chosen to compare are Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan because they are both people who did bad things that affect many people, and did things that lead to war, and involved killing a bunch of people, both ended up dead or being killed for what they did.

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889 and then when he was three years old he and his family had moved to Germany, and from 1933-1945 he was the chancellor and was dictator from 1934-1945 (Adolf Hitler Biography, At the outbreak of World War 1 he actually applied for military service in the German army, and even though he wasn’t on the frontlines he did participate in many battles and had got injured in the battle of Somme (Adolf Hitler Biography, Later he was decorated for bravery and received Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge (Adolf Hitler Biography, He was the one who caused the outbreak of World War 2 and started the Holocaust because he had went against the Treaty of Versailles because he had started to create and form an army when he wasn’t supposed to (Adolf Hitler Biography, When he saw that Germany was in a depression after the war he decided that the people needed help getting out of this depression and said that he would help them get out of it, of course the people wanted help so they would follow him and do what he would say (Adolf Hitler Biography,

Genghis Kahn was born in…

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