Essay on Adolf Hitler : A Man With A Mind Manipulated By Drugs

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Adolf Hitler, a cruel man with a mind manipulated by drugs was the ruler of the Third Reich in Nazi Germany-- the most horrendous place to live in at the time of World War II. Death, the ultimate worker and servant of the Fuhrer, picked up behind his damage. If anyone looked left or right at this point in history, the two would be there lurking. They were in people’s minds like an abominable disease that they had been damned with. Germany was in their hands in a blink of an eye and they did nothing less but to consume it whole. Some Jews could go so far to say that they feared Hitler more than being lifted by the narrator from Mark Zusak’s The Book Thief --Death, whom was more understanding. Adolf Hitler was creating his master Aryan race, eliminating over six million Jews and non-Germans. What was Death thinking while this man was turning the world upside down? As people look back at history, it is clearly true that Hitler was a madman. The Fuhrer had a plan to wipe out the Jewish ethnicity because they were rotting the German mother-country. He blamed the Jews for losing the First World War. “This applies first and foremost to a people under whose parasitism the whole of honest humanity is suffering, today more than ever: the Jews.” (Hitler) Throughout the years, he grew furious inside and used the power of his persuasive words to tell the people of Germany that they were useless Saukerls. As he got chancellor in 1933, his plan for Jewish extinction would soon…

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