Adolf Hitler : A Leader Of The World 's Most Successful Political Leaders With Power Over His Country

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Adolf Hitler was arguably one of the world’s most successful political leaders with power over his country. His leadership allowed him to take over many nations and gain power through popularity and his questionable deeds. Hitler was a powerful and hypnotic speaker who attracted numerous people, mainly Germans eager for change however, his use of passion, dedication and dictatorship had given a sense of hope for his nation which permitted the Nazi leader to persist in his startling objectives. With all these aptitudes, how did this genocidal maniac actually rise to power?
It all started after WW1 in Germany, 1919. After joining the German workers’ Party (later simplified to the Nazi Party), Hitler later on went to being the leader of Nazi Germany due his manipulative public speaking skills that launched him into leadership. With many politicians and nations debating about allies and enemies, this struck war and helped Hitler to seize governments. This party was established shortly after WW1 and it discouraged communism. The German government surrendered without being militarily defeated and this issue caused a great deal of frustration amongst the Germans. As a response, Hitler exploited this to its extent and used it to dishonour the new Weimar Republic that was created later. While opposing to the Weimar Republic and Treaty of Versailles, the Nazi Party strongly supported nationalism and anti-Semitism. After the Weimar Republic was established, many Germans blamed the new…

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