Adolf Hitler A Controversial Leader Essay

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Even though Adolf Hitler was a controversial leader who did many bad things during his run, he did know how to deliver a speech and win an audience over. (THESIS) Hitler 's vital component to the rise of his power was through effective use of physical gestures, repetitiveness and speech content. Hitler was a well developed orator; he knew when and how to portray himself to the people and the media. All in all very deceiving during his run for fuhrer. Lastly, Hitler knew how he wanted to portray himself on the media. He would be careful of everything he did or say as mentioned before. Hitler would always be seen in his uniform because that 's how he wanted to be known and remembered. He showed in the media how passionate he was about getting Germany back on track following the devastation of World War I. When it was his turn to go onstage, he would create tension by arriving late and create a sense of expectation every single time. When he would finally arrive, he measure how he would voice his speeches. He would start out quiet then slowly start getting louder. Before every speech he would plan out every hand gesture and facial expression he would use to deliver his speech. He would write his own speeches and edit and revise it at least five to six times. Also another thing he would do is hire a private photographer so he can take pictures of his facial expression so he can see how citizens and other beings would see him up onstage. He planned out every detail, he made…

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