Essay on Adolf Eichmann 's Satanic Personality

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Adolf Eichmann’s satanic personality undoubtedly resulted in significant Jewish mortality, however, this was not the sole reason for his gruesome acts against the Jewish people. The Fuhrer’s demands and Eichmann’s Nazi alliance can also be attributed to his behaviour against the Jews due to the orders and oaths of loyalty made. Furthermore, Eichmann’s desire for supremacy can also be held accountable as he was in a constant search for control and purpose throughout his life, eventually becoming one of the most powerful men of the Third Reich. Eichmann’s treatment of the Jews was fuelled by his poor upbringing and a difficult childhood, with Eichmann an alleged victim of anti-Semitism himself. Conclusively, although a contributing factor, Eichmann’s satanic personality cannot be blamed entirely for the deaths.
Adolf Eichmann’s crimes against the Jewish people can be directly attributed to his satanic personality. His crimes were not predicted by pathology or inbuilt racism, but were a personal choice. On May 29, 1962 Eichmann informed his colleagues; “I will leap laughing to my grave, because the feeling that I have five million people on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction.” When trialled in Jerusalem for his crimes against Jews in the Second World War, a witness stated that, “Eichmann showed no reaction to the horrors mentioned in court”. Eichmann was blinded by his passion for his duties, with this most evident when he made multiple efforts…

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