Adolf Eichmann: The Little Jew Boy

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Matthew Patterson
Mr. Peacock
World History
12 April, 2016
Adolf Eichmann
This picture shows Adolf Eichmann as a child. Adolf Eichmann was born in Germany on March 19, 1906 into a Protestant family (“Adolf Eichmann: Timeline”). The Eichmann family moved to Austria after his mother died (“Adolf Eichmann: Timeline”). Adolf Eichmann was teased constantly as a child for having Jewish facial qualities; they nicknamed him The Little Jew Boy (“Adolf EIchmann-Biography”). This was the beginning of Adolf Eichmann’s resentment of Jews. Had Adolf Eichmann never been called The Little Jew Boy as a child he might not have developed a negative connotation for Jews. Growing up in Germany and Austria Eichmann was exposed to poverty and hearing his family
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Adolf Eichmann was in charge of planning when and where the death marches would take place, “March 13, 1942 – Eichmann begins preparation for the evacuation of Slovakian Jews. June 11, 1942 – Eichmann’s office decides to make the first deportation from Holland of 15,000 Jews” (“The Trial Of Adolf Eichmann”). Near the end of the war Nazis had to begin to transport the Jews from camps near the receding war fronts towards Germany and further inland. Adolf Eichmann was assigned this job because of his position in the Nazi party. Many Jews died from the harsh expectations Adolf Eichmann had and from putting them through tough …show more content…
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