Adolescent Health Is Gaining More Attention Now Than Ever Before

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Adolescent Health is gaining more attention now than ever before, however there are still a lot of improvements required in order to try and reduce the inequalities that adolescents face compared to children and adults. It is vital that more focus is put onto this age group not only for the benefit of adolescents themselves but for society and a for a safe and secure future (Kleinhert and Horton 2016). Adolescence can be a time of excitement and positive changes, many adolescents report to have good physical and mental health and manage to negotiate their way through this stage with little negative outcomes. However, it is a period in life where there is an increased risk for health issues, greatly influenced by many factors but particularly the social and environmental contexts in which the young person develops (Sawyer and Patton 2011). The World Health Organisation states that ‘all adolescents should be able to access promotive, preventative and curative health services relevant to their stage of maturation and life circumstances.’ (WHO 2012). Patterns of youth health have changed in more recent years and global research has consistently shown that youths experience barriers when accessing health services (Chandra-Mouli, Chatterjee and Bose 2016).
The author will discuss a challenge identified in a previous assignment in relation to a 14-year-old girl who was admitted to a paediatric medical ward in the Northern Territory with significant Mental Health concerns. There…

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