Adolescent Drinking Case Study

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Silveris provides us research-based studies that tell us adolescent drinking has increased almost ten percent in the last ten years. The question Silveri attempts to answer is what effects does this have directly on adolescents, and on society as a whole. Is this the effect of underlying factors such as alcohol being easier to obtain by adolescents or even an increase in depression by adolescents? Additionally Silveri discusses the types of harms adolescent drinking has directly the brain. Silveri solely relies on studies to prove everything she has to say.

Silveri, Marisa M. "Adolescent Brain Development and Underage Drinking in the United States: Identifying Risks of Alcohol Use in College Populations." Harvard Review of Psychiatry. U.S.
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N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2016.

The author states the brain develops until the age of twenty. These studies were performed with animals, and primary rodents. Author says these studies articulate that the adolescent brain (before age 20) are more sensitive to alcohol, which according to the article states that long term memory, and ability to learn are diminished significantly. The author argues the solution to the problem is to enact stricter penalties for adolescents who drink to combat the neurological effects that occur when an adolescent consumes alcohol.

The article seems credible for a multitude of reasons. All of the studies cited were found on other sites verifying credibility, and accuracy. The writing seemed objective as possible only putting out facts, and truths. Author does not generalize, but goes in depth on all topics discussed. Furthermore most of the studies were recent which improves credibility. The article is very useful because of the studies cited, and empirical evidence. The studies in regards to effects of ‘memory, and decision making’ will be very useful to cite, and talk about, as they are interesting, and
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Giuliano, and Michael T. French. "The Effects of Alcohol Use on Academic Achievement in High School." Economics of Education Review. U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2011. Web. 16 Nov. 2016.

The author cited a study with nearly two hundred high school students which showed a linear diagram stating that more an adolescent drinks lower their GPA will be. Stating adolescent drinking negatively impacts ones ability to learn, which in turn negatively affects their GPA. In addition the study showed that more alcohol an adolescent consumed means there is less of a chance they will attend school. According to the author partaking in adolescent drinking impacts your short term decision making meaning its less likely you will attend school.

Out of all of the sources provided this study had the smallest sample size, which does diminish credibility. In addition these studies could not be found on any other platforms, which also diminished credibility so overall this source isn’t nearly as credible as the others because I cant verify the accuracy. Overall I would determine this study had a sense of propaganda to it. All in all the study isn’t as useful because I can’t verify the facts. I will not be directly using this source until I can find similar information on another website or book that can verify this information to be

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