Essay on Adolescent Development And Development Of Youth Programs

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Lerner, Fisher, and Weinberg put together a social policy report in which touches on research completed about improving adolescent development by answering three important questions. The first question: “What do adolescents need to develop successfully?” Second question: “How do the settings in which adolescents live, study, and play enhance their wellbeing?” and the third question; “What are the implications of what we know about the worlds of adolescents for the development of youth programs?” (Lerner, 2000) There are many factors that combine into the results of positive youth development. Lerner, Fisher, and Weinberg have developed the “5 C’s” of healthy development; competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring (Lerner, 2000). Preventing negativity in the life of adolescents promotes positive well being. Benson, another researcher,believes there are internal as well as, external assets necessary for positive development (1997). These external assets such as the outside environment; provide encouragement, constructive use of time, boundaries, and expectations. Internal assets promoting personal qualities are based on positivity within, values, identities, and positive commitments. Today’s youth development programs are geared towards skill and competency development. Previous programs were built on specific problem behaviors. While adolescents are growing and taking on new roles they need to develop certain skills and competencies in order to be…

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