Adolescent Child Care Classroom : Exploring The Influence Of Peer Relationships, Teacher Expectations, And Changing Social Contexts

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‘How Three Young Toddlers Transition From an Infant to a Toddler Child Care Classroom: Exploring the Influence of Peer Relationships, Teacher Expectations, and Changing Social Contexts’ - 2012

This study by Recchia and Dvorakova (2012), followed three infants over a nine-month period at Columbia University based childcare centre in the USA. The age of the children began of at 19 months old (Demetri), 21 months old (Amy) and 23 months old (Jeremiah). These three children were all beginning their second year in the infant room and were preparing to transition to the toddler room. The focus of the research was to discover natural development of adjustment to a new environment and the infants’ changing social skills with familiar peers. During the transition process from the infant to the toddler room, teachers from both classrooms, in collaboration with families, discussed when the children are developmentally and socially ready to graduate into the new classroom.

Qualitative and quantitative methods were use to collect data as written and video observation, anecdotal notes, centre website documents, interview with teachers, weekly research team discussions profiles of each child’s experiences were analysed and constructed for seeing the overall trends and individual differences in the children’s transitions. The transition process was in collaboration with the families to discuss the child’s development status and socialisation development to get an indication of…

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