Adolescent As A Stage Of Life Span Between Early Adolescent And Early Adulthood

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Every human being is destined to undergo adolescent as a stage. Adolescent is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that occurs during the period from puberty to the age of majority. Adolescent begins and end by country and its unction’s. Moreover, even within a single state or culture, there are different ages at which individuals is legally mature enough for society to entrust him with issues such as responsibility.Psychology is a science that deals with mental process and behavior. emerging adulthood can be said to be a vague phrase of life span between late adolescent and early adulthood.
Various terminologies have been used to describe emerging adulthood as transition age, extended youth, delayed adulthood, youthhood and twixter year (Arnett, 2010). Series of changes have been experienced from the past where finishing secondary, finding job and getting married indicated entrance to adulthood unlike the current times where college degree have become standard, and average age of marriage has become extended, thus leading to delayed of young people to fully enter adulthood at the required age or time
During this period the adolescent and the young adult undergo a series of changes in their life.
Biological Development
That is where the youth and early adulthood members undergo series of changes in their body as they have reached full hormonal maturity. Their body parts increase like ladies rose hips and breast. The male always has raised chest and…

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