Adolescence : The Toughest Part Of Growing Up Essay

1815 Words Dec 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Adolescence, to me, was the toughest part of growing up. Physically, I matured very early, so a lot of people would consider me as older not only because of my physical appearance but also because of the psychological maturity that I possessed along with the self of independence that I portrayed. It was a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time. It was good because I was very responsible and I wanted for people to take me as a serious, responsible individual, so because they would confuse my age, I received more trust from elders. It was a bad thing also because elder males would try to talk to me and it kind of frightened me. My parents always enlightened me about the dangers of getting into relationships at such young age. They would always drill into my head the negative consequences of dating in general while in school. I can now say mainly because of those talks, and because of the authoritarian style of parenting they used, I didn’t even dare to get into any sort of relationships with the opposite sex or to do anything out of their rule book in general. I noticed, and still sort of see this in me, how I am always scared that I would get into trouble and am always likely to follow rules that are imposed upon me. I followed almost every order that was set for me to do and even when adults are not around, I still feel as if someone is still watching me and that I must always do good. I say now that this is…

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