Adolescence: The Stages Of Menstrual Cycles In Childhood

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Adolescence People whom are 12 to 19 are in a certain stage in their life where they experience many changes. Callie, who is a 12 year-old girl is at this stage in her life where she just entered adolescence. She is almost 13 years old, so she is just about to be a teenager. Changes that happen during this developmental stage has a very wide range. People undergo puberty changes, physical changes, body image problems, and picking people to surround you in your daily life. Puberty, for girls, has a pattern it tends to follow. The start of puberty is marked by a growth spirt. For Callie, within the last few years, she has grown several inches. When she looks back at pictures, she says she cannot believe that she use to be that small. I know …show more content…
I was actually home on spring break whenever this happened. My mother talked to her before about what it is, how it happens, and what to do in that situation. So, for Callie, she was very calm and accepting of what was happening with her body. The book talks about how puberty is starting to hit children at a younger age now than what it used to a while ago. Back in the day, children did not reach puberty until 16 years of age, or older sometimes. In today 's society, that age is decreasing dramatically. Callie is 12 years old and has already started her menstrual cycle. When I was going through this stage in my life, I remember that I did not know what to do when I first knew I was starting my menstrual cycle; my mother said that I was crying because I did not want to officially become a woman. Looking back at that and comparing it to Callie 's experience, it is a lot different. It may be just because children are starting puberty at a much younger age and parents want them to be informed as much as possible through this process. Hitting puberty has its ups and downs, but it only means that a child is growing into a beautiful young

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