Adolescence Of The Middle School Yearbook Essay

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Tucked away in an old box, lies my middle school yearbook wherein the pages sits the boy who stole my heart, Kody Mars. His school pictures are now forever surrounded with big red hearts which signified my deep middle school affection for him. My friends and I would spend hours talking and planning about how I would one day become the future Mrs. Mars and planned out our happily ever after. Looking back now I realize that one, I hardly ever talked to Kody, and two, that I should probably burn those yearbooks. In adolescence, relationships play a major role in our development. In middle school adolescents start to befriend the opposite sex instead of runaway from them, and maybe eventually become more than friends.
Adolescent Romance As adolescents start to move away from the idea that the opposite sex has “cooties”, they start to move towards the idea that the opposite sex is not so bad after all. Dexter Dunphy presented a model that explained how adolescents interacted with the opposite sex throughout late adolescence. He came up with five stages that best express how adolescents are communicating with the opposite sex and how that evolves through the years. His first stage explains how boys and girls will usually only hangout with their same sex and how they don’t cross paths. Then moving into the second stage, the opposites sex’s start to interact and begin the process of starting a crowd. The third stage is about how peer groups start to become more heterosexual, and…

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