Essay about Adolescence Is The Stage Of Adolescence

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Adolescence is the stage in life where a child transitions into an adult. The stage of adolescence occurs from the ages of twelve until the age of eighteen. Adolescents or so called “teens” during this stage go though both physical and physiological changes. Their body will change, they will grow, and puberty will come by. They will also have sexual attraction, wanted independence, and focus on what society wants. This transition will not be a light and easy transition; it will take them hard life situation for them to become adults. Adolescent behavior will be based on their friends, society, and especially their life at home. Adolescence is the stage were an individual is trying to find themselves to eventually become a mature adult. Luckily, the adolescents will not have to face this stage alone, they will have friends at school and any other extra curriculum activity that will also be going though the same process. During the stage of adolescence friends are one of the most important components from their transition. Adolescents behavior is commonly based on the type of social interactions they have. “In one of our lab’s studies, for instance, the presence of peers more than doubled the number of risks teenagers took in a video driving game and increased risk taking by 50% (s (Gardner & Steinberg, 2005).” This proves that teenager who are with friends are more likely to take more risk. These types of risk can be serious situations like alcohol, drugs, and sex. In a…

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