Adolescence Is A Hard Time For Many Essay

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Adolescence is a hard time for many. Those few years spent entering adulthood is often rife with feelings of inadequacy. Like many fourteen-year-olds, the protagonist of “The Moths” by Helena Viramontes, too, has difficulty in accepting herself for who she is. However, when she is sent to take care of her dying abuelita, she matures from a disrespectful child into a wiser self. Her interactions with her grandmother have developed her character into one that has clarity on and can cope with the way things are. Often called “Bull Hands” by her fairer sisters, the narrator is constantly reminded of how inferior she is at traditionally feminine hobbies like crocheting. Frustrated, she does not handle the insults in a constructive manner and retaliates by “keeping a piece of jagged brick in [her] sock to bash [her] sisters or anyone who called [her] bull hands” (Viramontes 273). Only after spending time with her grandmother does she accept what cannot change. When Abuelita’s condition declines, as evidenced by when she falls from her bed twice, the narrator comes to terms that death is inevitable when she sees the sun set and disappear into the horizon. Upon returning to the house after her revelation, she sees her grandmother dead. In contrast to her previous behaviors, she is anything but disrespectful. She is reverent towards Abulita’s corpse despite its imperfections, and she does what is necessary to give her a proper goodbye before succumbing to tears. Not only does the…

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