Adolescence Is A Crucial Time For Brain Growth Essay example

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Adolescence is a crucial time for brain growth. Students are moving from concrete to abstract learning and thinking and new thinking processes emerge. This period is the start of problem solving, critical thinking, and planning. A middle school student, on average, can retain five to seven pieces of information at any given time, so we as teachers should try not to give them too much information in one sitting. Also, the more active the information, the more likely the students are to retain the given information. There are several ways that teachers can provide a better learning experience for their students. As teachers, we should teach students how to study, have consistent routines and provide charts to help detail the steps of routines and projects and go through the steps often. Graphic organizers also help in problem solving. Lastly, color coding may sound a bit childish to middle school students, but it works. It helps them with organization and retaining the material. The young adolescent goes through incredible changes in just a few years and in every area of their life and body. Physically, adolescents go through more developmental changes than any other time of their life. Changes in height and weight are fast tracked. During these years, aches and pains may occur because they are growing so rapidly. Also, changes in metabolism are rapid but also this is a time when children are at the greatest risk of using illegal drugs and “experimentation” with their bodies.…

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