Essay on Adolescence in America

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The adolescence that we see today in the United States of America’s more urban areas seem to have a different perspectives on the ideas of the importance of school, career endeavors, and their futures overall when compared to those generations that have come before them. We are unsure of the exact reasons that this first began happening, but there are many ideas as to what could bring this about. These items include attitudes toward academics, peer and environmental pressures that surround them, and how they truly see their lives going in the future. Jay McLeod does a great job taking a closer look at all of these things in his book entitled, “Ain’t No Makin’ It” and in this paper we will take a closer look at his evaluations of the people …show more content…
The Brothers, on the other hand, seem to have a different idea about how their lives will be turning out in the future. They actually have aspirations about what they want their lives to turn out like, they see a real future and are not down on themselves about the place that they come from, even though it may not always be the best. Instead of speaking out about only being able to see themselves in short-term jobs, they see themselves in lifelong careers in which they can receive promotions and benefits; things that they deserve for all of their hard work. Yes it is true that this group of people comes from a higher class than the Hallway Hangers, but that is not all that drives them. They believe in hard work and that they themselves are the ones that will get them what they want in life. School is important if you want a career; you will need a diploma for higher pay and promotional opportunities. These two groups tend to bump heads on more than just academics, though. Peer pressure is something that people have lived with since the beginning of the world. It is a completely natural thing to want to fit in and act similar to the people that you surround yourself with. That being said, the two groups mentioned above do surround themselves with completely different people. A lot of the time, the Hallway Hangers’ (or other groups

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