Adolescence : Childhood And Adulthood Essay

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According to WHO (World Health Organization) adolescence is the period that happens between the ages of 10 to 19 in which human growth and development occurs. Throughout the life span, adolescence signifies an important transition from childhood, as it is a period of ‘newness’ and change, which can be seen in the person, the dyad and the environment’. Linda P Spear supports this as she defines adolescence as ‘a period of physical, psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood’. This growth and development that is involved in adolescence can be driven by many biological, social and psychological processes. In terms of biological changes, physical and hormonal changes are one of the main factors that mark the change from childhood to adolescence. Psychological changes can be seen in the way that adolescence think in comparison to children as they are able to reason more efficiently and advanced in terms of attention, perception and flexibility. Social development can be seen as the changes in the adolescence relationships with family, peers and in their concepts of self. Although there are three separate changes in adolescence, biological and social factors can play a significant role in the psychological development of adolescence. Early and late physical development can lead to psychological effects e.g. boys that mature early in adolescence tend to be more confident and dominant (lecture slides). However, on the other hand, premature identity…

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